You're the only real thing I ever touch


Prince Oberyn takes his revenge on the mountain — with food.

All problems are boring until they’re your own.

You’ll see the sun come shining through for you

Tom Hardy at the Sun Military Awards, December 2013 [x]


2011 Tony Awards / x 

intelligence is a very valuable thing innit, my friend?
usually it comes far too late

"For the record I advised against trusting you here.
        Prove me wrong.”

get to know me meme: [10/10] actors/actresses
emma stone - “I realize I have a lot of amazing opportunities, but I don’t know how you can play a human being going through real human experiences without being able to walk down the street. If you can’t live a real life, how do you play a real person? It always confuses me when actors work back-to-back-to-back with no break. If you live your life on a film set, how the hell can you relate to real people? You don’t know what its like to not have people fussing over you all day, and that’s not life - that’s silly movies. I will always want to take breaks and I wouldn’t be OK with losing that.”